Indonesia and Bali: Bali is located within the Republic of Indonesia. Nusa Lembongan is an island, that is part of the Nusa Penida group of islands, that falls under Klung Kung Regency, the smallest Regency in Bali.

Balinese Culture and Traditions: Please be respectful of the Balinese Culture and traditions. Please dress and behave appropriately in public places, visiting temples and other sacred places, and when interacting with the the lokals, as a sign of respect. The Balinese are incredibly open and warm people and you will be rewarded if you take the time to understand how they see the world. They believe strongly in karma and have a strong connection to the Hindu gods, the spirits and their families. The Balinese have a wicked sense of humour as well, having joke is often a great way to make a friend!

Valid passport with 6 months validity: One of the first pieces of travel advice we would give to all travellers is to check your passport when you book your travel, as you cannot enter Indonesia with less than 6 months on your passport from date of entry. If you try and check in with an airline in Australia they will not let you board the plane if your passport if under 6 months even by one day.

Valid onward/return flight: There is also a requirement when entering Indonesia that you must have a valid onward flight or return flight to your home country. Many airlines enforce this when checking in from your home country and will make you purchase a flight on the spot, although depending on which region of the world you are coming from this may change. It is therefore suggested you check with the airline you are traveling on whether they enforce this policy strongly or not. 

Immigration/Visa requirements: There are many different options for obtaining a Visa to enter into Indonesia, with the most popular for travellers staying under 30 days being eligible for the Visa Free facility, which applies to 169 Countries and can be obtained at 5 international airports within Indonesia and some sea ports. If you would like to enter Indonesia and stay for longer than 30 days you will need to obtain a Visa on Arrival and you can then extend at the local Immigration Office for another 30 days. Please check the official Indonesian Government's Immigration Website to obtain details relevant to your personal situation. 

Medical Facilities: Nusa Lembongan has very basic medical facilities. There is a hospital in Jungut Batu village, serviced by Medical Doctors and Nurses, with a dispensary. that can provide basic medical services. You will need go to Bali if there is a medical emergency and if life threatening will need to get medi-vacced out of Bali and Indonesia. Please check with your doctor in your home country about your personal circumstances and any vaccinations you may need travelling to Indonesia, and bring any prescription medication you take regularly with you from your home country. We provide a small first aid kit, for minor ailments only. 

Safety: The two main ways a visitor to Bali will injure themselves is usually by having a scooter/motorbike accident or scraping themselves on the reef when surfing. If you are not skilled in riding a scooter/motorbike the best idea is not to ride one to avoid hurting yourself and others. Lokal families on the island use the scooter/motorbike as their principal mode of transport often carrying small babies or children, often carrying up to four or five people, and the road can get very busy with other obstacles such as dogs, cats, aimless pedestrians, small children, buggies and trucks, so please be mindful of this and drive carefully. Nusa Lembongan is also famous for its very strong currents. Please always surf with a mate, if you are surfing, snorkelling, scuba-diving, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding or swimming out past the lagoon, please take care as the currents can be unbelievably strong. If you are swimming, snorkelling, kayaking or stand up-paddle boarding inside the lagoon please be mindful of the fast boats, lokal boats, seaweed farming sticks, and also big waves when the swell is large. Villa Samudera has a first aid kit and fire extinguisher on site, a mobile phone is also provided to make lokal calls.

Travel Insurance: It is strongly recommended that you take out travel insurance before you travel to cover you for unexpected medical emergency, loss/stolen goods, and cancellations of flights, travel plans, etc.

Money/ATMS: The official currency of Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah. Before coming to Nusa Lembongan it is recommended that you take out money from an ATM on the mainland of Bali to pay for daily costs, such as eating out at Lokal Warungs, buying goods from Lokal shops and other Lokal services. The ATMs in Bali usually accept Master Card, and Visa Card (and sometimes Debit Cards with the Cirrus symbol). There are no banks on the Island and currently only one ATM on Nusa Lembongan, which is located in Jungut Batu, near the large village temple. It is reported that this ATM only takes Master Card. We do not recommend you rely on the ATM as a reliable cash source as it is often out of money or not working. There are a number of Money Changers on the island that usually charge 6-7% on your transaction and some of restaurants and dive centres will take Master Card or Visa Card.

Security: Whilst Nusa Lembongan is considered a safe place, we do recommend you use the lockable safety box to keep all your valuables. There is also a Police Station on the Island. The Lokal Community also are very security conscious and genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of tourists, so if you do have any issues, please speak to our staff at any time.